Cold Drinks

From our Dublin café, we offer clients a full range of cold drinks. We partner with various large and smaller drink producers to provide various cold drink options. At Social Fabric Café, you’ll find all your soft drink favourites. We also have a range of drinks from lesser-known producers. These drink options combine different flavour profiles.
What’s more, we offer our own made lemonade. This sweet and homemade lemonade is extremely popular. The popularity stems from how refreshing this cold drink is.
To view our extensive range of cold drinks available from our Dublin café, please our Dublin 07 café today.

To review our extensive menu of cold drinks, please visit our café our book a table today.

Cold Drinks FAQ

  • What type of cold drinks is on your menu?

    We offer an extensive menu of cold drinks. This menu includes the most popular soft drinks on the planet along with a variety of different beverages made by smaller manufacturers that offer new flavour profiles.

  • Do you offer low-sugar soft drinks?

    Yes, we provide clients with an extensive range of low-sugar and sugar-free soft drink varieties.