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Our Loyalty Programme

Social Fabric Café has now teamed up with Squid - Loyalty + Rewards.

The Squid Loyalty Programme allows you to collect loyalty stamps on your phone using the Android and iPhone app. Every time you purchase a coffee from Social Fabric Café, simply tap your phone on the Squid tag at checkout to receive your stamp. All stamps are stored in the Squid Digital Wallet so you’ll never lose your loyalty card.

You can also pre-buy your coffee using the Squid App. Using the app, select and pay for your coffee and then collect it from Social Fabric Café without waiting or queuing.

Download the Squid app today to discover special offers and redeem rewards directly from the app.





To use it you need to download an app.






Stapmfy is a loyalty card for charity that allows you to swap loyalty stamps for meal donations.

So instead a free coffee on the end of the filled loyalty card money are being donated to provide meals for kids.

It works as any other loyalty program. Every time you buy the coffee you collect a stamp by scanning QR code in the cafe. 6 stamps/ coffees = 2 meals.


For More Information Speak to a Member of the Social Fabric Café Team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I receive the Vouchers?

    Once you have paid using PayPal you will receive an email containing your voucher.

  • How long are the Vouchers valid for?

    Vouchers are valid for one year.

  • How do I use the voucher?

    Simply show us the voucher during your next visit to Social Fabric Café. You can print the voucher or keep it on your phone.

  • Can I give the Voucher as a gift?

    Absolutely. The voucher will be sent to the buyer's email but you are then free to gift the voucher to someone else.